Rustic Kitchen

For traditional decor, familiar and comfortable even in the kitchen there is no style that can overcome the rustic, and the materials, colors and each of the details of this decoration are able to create a special atmosphere even in the kitchen.

It is precisely this of which you wanted to talk, and the rustic kitchens have a charm can dazzle anyone. If you have a town house, field or mountain or simply the style you love and want to tailor it to your home check out the decorative key that we leave in the following article And put hands to work!


The most common colors in this type of cuisine are the cream, tan and brown . While softer coatings are used for large as walls or ceilings, the darkest tend to be used on furniture.


The stone is the material par excellence of this style, whether on walls, walls or floors. If you are lucky enough to have a stone wall construction, but you like the look he gives her, do not hesitate to cover some of your normal walls or panels with several pieces of this material in natural or synthetic version (depending on the finish how much you want and intend to spend).


Like most type of rustic, kitchen furnishings tend to have robust lines and bit lines. The quality varnished wood are favored more traditional rustic kitchens, but if you give it a more chic style betting on a vintage where the worn old type and combinations with other furniture in forging take center stage.

Given that very large traditional village houses or field, these stoves tend to be of sufficient size to integrate two areas : the area of kitchen area and dining room . Besides eating comfortably in the kitchen, this table will allow you to prepare food with much more space and comfort.